Thursday, September 30, 2010

One crazy whackadoodle dream

My gentle readers,

Time will not speed up today. It’s as though I glance at the clock and no time has passed AT ALL. It’s teasing me, ticking by in wee tiny increments that keep me stranded at work. My eyes consistently return to the window to my far right. It’s so sunny and gorgeous outside that my body is literally screaming for me to escape this place and curl up and take a nap. Oh, if only….

On the plus side I do not have class today! My creative writing professor is attending a wedding so…basically I get off work at 1:00, have lunch with the boyfriend and then…go back to my dorm. Wow. I suppose there is some mystical force lurking about this office telling me that I must suffer before I can enjoy life. Isn’t that always the case? I fondly remember a pearl (of many pearls) of knowledge that my father always recites: “work first, then play.” Curses! The father unit was right. :)

Stories anyone?

This morning I was dreaming about my own wedding. I always love those quirky little dreams that give you a “supposed” glimpse into the future. My roomie and my two suitmates were my brides-maids, as well as my closest friend Birdy and my older sister was my maid of honor. Squee! The funny part about the dream was where we had already gotten our hair done and we were all squealing and excited and getting into our dresses and then ALL OF A SUDDEN I begin freaking out because I forgot entirely about the items “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. So the dream quickly changed into one of those dramatic moments where I could not possibly find anything and time was running out and the music was playing and I had to get down the aisle because my father is waiting to take my arm and the boyfriend/groom is also waiting eagerly. Wah! Did I make it down the aisle? Yes I did eventually start down the white lace road, but wouldn’t you know it….I woke up. Curses again!

The boyfriend always enjoys hearing about my odd dreams, as if I weren’t weird enough on a daily basis; I have a weird dream every night. My friends find this odd because they claim they do not dream aka. they cannot remember their dreams. Which automatically makes me awesome.

I remember almost all my dreams, especially the “extremely odd” ones. I love it when I have an extremely odd dream and then have it again a couple months later. I am actually familiar with the dream whilst I am sleeping. I know what’s going to happen but it continues on its original track due to the fact I cannot control it.

Anyone else have weird dream patterns? Share! :)

Let’s see how I spend the rest of my day, shall we? More stories to come!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear friends,

It feels as if this week is backwards. Today felt like the end of the week, and I am sure tomorrow will feel like the beginning of the week. Boo.

Plans for next years living are still being made. One end of town vs. the other, which one will we decide? The cheapest/something we can live in without wanting to kill one another. I am not that social of a creature and living with three other girls with my own bedroom and bathroom is quite an appealing factor. Good personal space, but also very homey. I'm crossing my fingers hoping the boyfriend and his roommate will live in the same place with us. It wouldn't be in the same hallway again, we would probably be in separate buildings, but that would be nice. :)

Today was a very "meh" day again. This week has not been terribly exciting, hopefully there will be something to make up for the last couple days. The boyfriend's father is coming for "parent's weekend", so that will be....interesting. There might even be a chance to go shopping with my mother unit this weekend too! (does little dance)

I enjoyed the fall weather immensely today. The morning was extremely cold, but once we got into the mid-afternoon it was perfect. The colored leaves crunch as though you are walking on potato chips. There is nothing quite like it.

Story time!

My roomie and I watched "the shortlist" this afternoon. I never knew how comical people could be, especially Lady GaGa. It was positively outrageous! I never knew she wore a poncho/dress thing made entirely out of kermit the frog dolls. Now if that doesn't say WEIRD I do not know what does. Despite how horribly addicting her music is, she is still a very strange person. One fellow shared a remark on her outfit and said something absolutely hilarious in a french accent: "Alright everyone I need you to check every Toys R Us, I need 4,000 kermits yesterday it's for GaGa!"

Want your bad romance rah rah ah ah ah

Watching the sunset and hoping you're taking the time to watch it too!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make the room stop spinning!

Ugh, this time of year is getting to me like never-before. I was so good about not getting sick last year! But fall of 2010 is striking me down, and hard.
This morning I woke up at 8:15 to get ready for work, and as soon as I lifted my head from the pillow I knew something was not right. Then as I finagled my way down the bunk-bed ladder I discovered just how dizzy I was. Not good. So I wrote my boss a quick e-mail explaining the situation, clambered back up to the top bunk and fell asleep for another two hours.

The rest of the day was a great improvement. My adverseness from food has gone away and I am now eating and snacking constantly. The boyfriend is being a super-sweetheart and is keeping a close eye on me, but keeping his distance so he won't get sick again. :) Which is understandable.

Tonight is explication night. I am taking a Shakespeare course and I have to basically read an assigned passage from the play "12th night" and analyse JUST that passage and how it transforms from beginning to end, the literary tools, etc. I like to focus on the broader themes of the play because that is how I have always analyzed such things, however this is focusing on JUST this passage....errr it bugs me. However I shall get it done in no time.

Story time! Or rather, a notation.

It seems the infamous substitution of leggings for pants has returned! Dun dun dun. Now the fall weather has hit the little college town, people are desperately trying to show off all their fall fashion. Pshh. College is all about sweatpants and t-shirts and looking tired half the time, not a celebrity runway. It's such a competitive campus for looks and clothes, does a number on one's self-esteem if they aren't feeling particularly well dressed that day. So one has to learn to not care and just go with what feels comfortable. If you are comfortable in stilettos and a tight skirt, go for it, I will enjoy watching you freeze your tail off while I don my jeans and sweatshirt, thank you very much.

Okay enough snark to the preps.

Other things of interest that have happened today would be the fact I managed to scare the life out of my suite-mate. Apparently I am very good at turning invisible and not showing up on anyone's radar. So as soon as she walks by the room as I am adjusting my hair she shrieks at my presence. I'll admit it was very amusing to watch her turn pink with embarrassment, I suppose I will just have to make a very dramatic appearance the next time I see her so I don't stop her heart again. lol.

Well, time to have a nice little chat with Sir Shakespeare!

Toodles and enjoy the weather everyone! Be excited that it's almost hot apple cider time, which then transforms into hot chocolate time. :)


Monday, September 27, 2010

I’ll never let go Jack!

There is nothing quite like a group of girls curled up around a 24” television watching Titanic and freaking out at every little thing that happens. That is a serious bonding moment. And the funny thing is that all the boys on the opposite side of the hallway are playing Halo Reach. Classic. :)

I blame my mother for getting me hooked on the blog called “Three woofs and a woo”.
It is positively addicting and the dogs are like children to the author, her humor is phenomenal and the pictures are classic. We used to have an Australian shepherd and I think of her every time I see the pictures. My hat is off to this woman, she is both an inspiration and a joy.

Aside from all of this, today has truly been the epitome of laziness. I did my homework for the beginning of next week, then I was left with nothing else to do except watch random youtube videos, download some music, then hang out with the boyfriend. :)

Ugh, my precious roomie aka. “sugar mamma” is inevitably sick. She seems to have picked up the exact same cold I had a few days ago, but she sounds A LOT worse. Is she ready to be introduced to my little friend NyQuil? I think so. She sounds like she needs a good night’s rest.

I seem to be getting over my own cold as well, or rather, catching a rebound cold from my roomie. My stomach has felt so queasy and tender lately, cross your fingers for this bug to go away!

Story time!
We knew it was going to be cold this morning, we knew. But we did not know the full extent to which it would be cold. Holy schnikies as soon as we walked to the closest dining hall the boyfriend and I looked at each other and agreed that it was cold outside. :) Together we are captain obvious. But it was a humorous moment. He hates the cold whereas I can wear t-shirts out in the cold and be immune to it. He claims I am quite peculiar, and to be perfectly honest I think that is neat. I like the word peculiar.

I have a bunch of Disney pictures and inspirational sayings on my wall now, just for kicks. My favorite ones are the inspirational pages that are drawn by an artist called SARK and she does some lovely work such as “How to be an artist”. Look her up sometime, it’s a treat to your inner childhood.

With that I best be off. I have a date with my micro-fleece blanket and some honey graham crackers. Don’t judge.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Italian Food

"And we call it bella notte...."

Today is a very lazy day, and there is an evil presence in my brain, and it is formally known as "writer's block". Such an evil creature, it needs to go away right

It also doesn't help that I didn't get to sleep until about 3:00 in the morning due to the fact I was helping a friend and giving them serious cuddle time. Being the good friend is a lot of work, but it's definitely worth their smile the next day. :)

Speaking of today! The boyfriend and I got a chance to meet up with a very good friend of ours this morning. The boyfriend lived with one of his high school buddies this summer, and this high school buddy now has a girlfriend who is literally my twin. She came to visit this weekend and we felt it necessary to meet up with them and have a double date. For the record, Starbucks caramel apple cider is the BEST thing in the world. It's like freshly baked apple pie in a cup! It's delicious.

This evening the boyfriend and I are also teaming up with my parental units and we are all going to the Macaroni Grill, a fabulous italian restaurant that is a treat to go to. They make the food in plain site and bake their breath-taking bread in stone ovens. I haven't been there for quite some time, so bring on the olive oil!
After that, on to Jungle Jims, only the GREATEST supermarket the world. Literally.

Currently watching the boyfriend and his roommate playing the video game "Borderlands", too much shooting for my taste, but it has a cool storyline and awesome graphics. What can I say? ;)

Hopefully there will be more stories to come with this little annoying creature poking at my frontal lobes and eating my creativity. Gah!

Live Love and Laugh today!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Vanishing Retainer

Good afternoon my lovlies!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping as they embark on the journey to fly south, and the entire world just seems to be whispering “fall is here” as it leaves tiny clues in nature to remind us that the seasons are still changing.
Life is like a retainer you wear a night, only to wake up and not know where it went. I managed to find it, it was on the floor. (Eww) And due to the fact I sleep on the top bunk of our bunkbed that is pretty good distance. You’d think it would have gotten lost in the comforter or something.....Never fear, the retainer is squeaky clean.

Let me tell you, yesterday was a VERY good day, but also a peculiar one. The weather went from scorching hot and sunny to dark and stormy within a matter of a half-hour. The wind was blowing SO hard it nearly lifted me and my 113 pounds off the ground! Lol. Almost snatched my umbrella from me too. Afterwards I stopped in to see the boyfriend who was sitting behind the main desk in the math office. It’s so cute to see his expression change as soon as I pop in and make an appearance. It reminds me of a meerkat. “Ally’s here!” lol. Unfortunately I can never stay long since he is working and there are other people in the office, so I went upstairs to my Life & Thought in European Literature class and sat amongst the other early birds who get there an hour early like I do.

We were supposed to discuss more about the Odyssey, but we strayed into the grammatical correctness for the usage of “its” vs. “it’s”. The professor made a very interesting point that I had never realized. He said that the only sentence that baffled him for 20 years was: “You paid for more than its/it’s worth”. That is one of the rarest moments in grammar where EITHER its/it’s would work in a sentence. It was pretty mind-blowing.

When I was walking back to my dorm, the belltower was playing “a whole new world”. But the best part was when I walked into my room and laying on my desk was a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates! I practically squealed with joy and cried at the same time. :D So I ran next-door and attacked the boyfriend with hugs and kisses. Later that evening we went out by the bleachers and watched the stars come out while talking about everything and nothing. That, ladies and gentlemen is true love. When your boyfriend is willing to sit on the wet ground with you in his arms and stare up at the stars.(sigh)

So it was a good day. :) just saying.

As for any stories, I imagine it would have been hilarious watching me get ready this morning. I got up and hour early to take a shower, sliced the side of my ankle open with the cursed razor, waddled around with toilet paper wrapped around said ankle, squeezed into a snazzy attire for work and then skee-daddled off down the street with wet hair. Luckily the hair is cooperating today and is laying nicely in its prim little bun and side bangs.

The rest of the day will be a fun one. You know the feeling. You can just SENSE that it’s going to be a good day. :) The boyfriend and I will be venturing to the library today to check out a few books and just have fun looking for some good reading. He had a few recommendations for me so I am excited!

Has anyone played the online game “free rice”? BEST GAME EVER! I got to level 40 out of 60 the other day, which is pretty difficult to do because the vocabulary that comes up is rather difficult. The English Major prevails yet again! Huzzah! More stories to come soon!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump Day

Have you ever craved something, but just don't know WHAT????
I felt that way for quite some time today.... eventually I discovered that my odd craving was none-other than the traditional chex mix. I found it in one of the markets today and permitted myself a tiny squeal of glee. :)

Last night, all of us piled into my boyfriend and his roommate's room---because they have the largest t.v.---and watched the newest episode of Glee. As always, I find myself being so drawn in by the music, but so repulsed at the drama and hate that goes on. It's horribly addicting, and even my boyfriend (who hates Glee with a passion) managed to say that he liked this episode. Shocker!
As for the episode itself, Rachel just gets on my nerves because of her selfish hogging of the "spotlight", it's ridiculous to see what she will do in order to protect her spot. Finn definitely deserves better. And poor Artie! Dumped for another guy. We will have to see how that plays out later in the season..... And Quinn is back. Ewww. Make the "cheerios" and their drama go away.

As for any stories, yesterday unfortunately ended on a pretty dull note, and today doesn't look much different. All the more reason to curl up and watch a good movie with the boyfriend. My precious roomie (whom we all now refer to as "sugar mamma" because she's so sweet) had a scary experience last night while walking back to our dorm from her exam. She was not hurt thank goodness, and she is doing beautifully today and is such a strong person, but I am still keeping a good eye on her to make sure she's really okay because I am a HUGE worry wart, especially when it comes to my loved ones.

Hopefully there will be some good stories to share later in the future.

Mother Nature seems to be messing with me right now. I do not appreciate the ridiculous weather changes that are occurring. The pressure gives me a headache and therefore makes me less and less enthusiastic of venturing outside and walking to my next class. Arrrr keep an eye on that horizon! (Horray for talk like a Pirate Day! lol I know I know it already passed.)

Who else is looking forward to the upcoming fall weather? I AM!!!! Bring on the scarves and sweaters baby. :)

Make your day supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fruit Gummies and Apple Stickers

Dear readers,

Today is a Tuesday… meaning I have work from 9-1, a dentist appointment, lunch, then a creative writing class at 2:15. Tuesdays are honestly no better than Mondays, IMHO, however I do look forward to several things on days like these. I get to sit at a table with my boyfriend for about 40 minutes until he and I have to go to class. His being economics and mine being English. A math major and an English major, we are two peas in a pod. ;) Then when I am finished with class he is sitting outside the room waiting for me while working on his homework. It’s like clockwork, and the gesture of him waiting on me is absolutely wonderful and makes me feel super special. We also attend swing dancing on Tuesday nights just for fun. Let it be known that I can play a mean violin and sing soprano, but I can’t dance. Lol. I do enjoy meeting new people though, and knowing everyone else is pretty much on my skill level makes me feel better about my slip-ups. Tonight we get to learn the “Lindy Hop”. :)

I have an excellent story to share with you!

Last night when my roomie was studying for her cell biology and physics classes, our other roommate decided to “disguise” herself with a polka-dot micro fleece blanket and crawled into our room and snuck a pack of fruit gummies from my roommate’s desk. She was completely inconspicuous; no one detected her presence at all. Lol. We all call her “stealthy”. Everyone in our corridor is addicted to fruit gummies it would seem…. Someone should do a study about that. Hint to the scientists! The best thing about this story is that I managed to catch this beautiful and shining moment with my camera. I cannot help but laugh whenever I replay the video and watch how ridiculous my friends are. You gotta love ‘em. :)

Another random fact. I overheard someone complaining about the little stickers on apples at the grocery store. I tell you, some people will go to great lengths to complain about every little thing that bothers them and hinders their daily life. Honestly, I do not mind those little stickers. They are not that difficult to peel off, and if they are, you are not worthy of the apple.

That is all the stories I have for now. I still have the rest of the day to live out, so hopefully tomorrow I will have some more precious jewels to share. Cross your fingers and pray that the dental hygienist takes it easy on me and doesn’t kill my gums!

Make it a fabulous day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's COLD season!

Oh hello my gentle readers of the interwebs,

I suppose I should start my blog with something clever or witty...
Or perhaps, just a story would do.

Today on our college campus the students are wearing their branded shorts and flipflops, but all of that is soon to change once the 70 degree weather hits us. Squee! I absolutely adore fall weather, not only do you get to wear fun clothes and hats, but the world just transforms before your eyes. Before you know it the ground is blanketed in quilts of yellows, oranges, and crimsons.

I had two exams today and unfortunately my brain runs at half-speed when I catch a cold. You know the feeling. Your body has aches and pains, there's fog in your head, and your nose is so stuffed you sound like the wicked witch of the west. And your little dog too....
Fortunately I think both exams went very well, studying does pay off and will earn you good grades even when you yourself are not physically up to par with the teachers' cursed tests.

My gentleman of a boyfriend lives right across the hall from me in our dorm. We live in a "friendship community" where all my closest college friends and I got a chance to interview and live in one hallway. Conveniently he is right where I can visit him at any time should I have questions and or if I need snuggle time. It's kind of hard having the temptation to go and visit ALL the time, but I am learning to give him breathing room so that he is not constantly being snuffed out by my everlasting bubbliness and charm. ;) (ahem) But yes, today he seemed very groggy as well. We managed to get our colds at the same time--imagine that! What a crazy happenstance..... Hearing his voice three octaves lower than usual is the cutest thing in the world, however it also wants you to force feed him cough drops so he gets better. I am torn between the two emotions. lol

Everyone seems to be doing nicely adjusting to the college scene. Me being a mere sophomore working on several writing projects is keeping me plenty busy. Nevertheless this newfound desire to share my experiences with the world has led me to keep the updates casual but also take it on as a personal challenge to see that this is in fact tended to.

I am looking forward to the Renaissance Festival! I only get a chance to go once a year and unfortunately I was too sick to attend when my sweet-heart of a roommate invited me to join. So I am definitely trying to eat as much soup as possible and stay in good health so I can not only get better but also go to the Ren Fest! (does little dance)

Have any stories that sparked your interest today?
Share! :)