Monday, August 6, 2012

"Juicy" Bum

You know what's hard, and I mean REALLY hard?

(that's what she said)

Self discipline is really hard. Especially with the media and the constant reminders that as a woman you should have perfect skin, a perfectly bleached smile, as well as a perfect body.

Woah now, hang on a minute.

Each and every woman is unique yet most of us tend to think alike. For example, imagine yourself watching the Olympics and are hypothetically eating your favorite potato chips. On screen there are these tone and slim 19 year old girls who stick their dismount without a jiggle to their thighs. You look down at that open bag of evil snack food and suddenly there is an overwhelming need to toss those potato chips halfway across the room just so you can look as good as that!

You keep up with a personal goal to eat healthy and keep active. Discipline!

Or maybe you take more drastic measures and want to fit into those size 0 jeans by Friday by eating nothing and drinking only water. Not likely at all and certainly NOT healthy.

Or perhaps you are still eating those darn potato chips because you know that you will never look like that. Right?


Wrong wrong wrong! Come now people.

If you want to be healthy, then you have to pace yourself. You have to incorporate fruits and veggies back into your diet. Make it fun! Create a whole bunch of healthy smoothies that you can enjoy! Not only are you giving your body more of the vitamins it needs to survive, but also you are cleansing your body of those salty demons tucked away in the bag you (might have) threw halfway across the room.

Be active. You not only need to eat well but you also need to exercise well. Those two things are key to being a much healthier version of yourself. Not a "sexier" version, not a "hot" version, not a "beautiful" version, but a healthy one.

Take control of your soda intake, the excess salts sugars and fats that you just don't need from processed foods, and discipline yourself!

It's difficult I know, it's not fun. But just like any great regimen for yourself, you get used to it and it becomes second nature.

So what say you? Ready to get healthy?

The best part is, being healthier has no down-side, you get to not only feel better abut the food choices you're making, but also about the "healthier" you overall.

Rock it out girl!


P.S. Also, really guys? "Juicy"? Yoga pants really need to kick it up a notch.